Microsoft Windows

According to our registry, Microsoft Windows is capable of opening the files listed below. It is possible that Microsoft Windows can convert between the listed formats as well, the application’s manual can provide information about it.

System requirements

The precise system requirements for the Microsoft Windows application are included in the software’s manual. You can find the manual in electronic format on Microsoft Windows’s website as well. We cannot provide support for this product, so in case of a problem, turn to the developer of Microsoft Windows!

Important! There is a lot of dangerous content on the Internet, so you should only install applications coming from a trusted source onto your computer! You put your private information into danger by opening files coming from an unreliable source.

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File types

There are currently 181 file extension(s) associated to the Microsoft Windows application in our database.

Windows Administrative Template
Windows Animated Cursor
Windows Command File
Windows Command File
Control Panel Item
Windows Metafile
Executable File
Windows Bitmap Font
Windows Icon
Microsoft Windows Internet Settings File
Remote Access Phonebook Data
Program Information File
Windows Resource File
Windows Shell Scrap Object
Microsoft Windows Desktop Theme
Windows Virtual Device Driver
Windows VGA Graphics Driver
Microsoft System Information File
Windows Clipboard File
Windows Desktop Shortcut
Microsoft Windows Font
Microsoft InfoTech Storage System File
Microsoft Management Console Snap-in
VBScript Encoded Script
Web Point-and-Print Cabinet
VBScript Script
PostScript Printer Description
Microsoft Fax Image
Multilingual User Interface Data
Microsoft Windows Application Log
Microsoft Windows ReadyBoost File
Windows My Documents Shortcut
Windows Mail Recipient Shortcut
Windows Compressed Folder Shortcut
Windows OEM Setup File
Windows 8 Account Picture
Chess Titans Saved Game
Windows Netlogon ChangeLog
Comfy Cakes Saved Game
Windows Troubleshooting Pack Data
Windows 7 Event Log
Microsoft Backup File List
WCS Gamut Map Model Profile
Windows Registry Hive
Microsoft Windows Catalog Search Index Hash
Windows Korean Noise-word List
Windows Library Description
Media Control Interface Data
Microsoft Windows Remote Assistance Invitation
Windows XP Unsigned Style
Windows Performance Monitor Configuration
Windows Search Property Description
Windows Registry Transaction Log
Windows PE Relocation Section
Resource Monitor Configuration
XrML Digital License Package
Microsoft Windows 7 Theme Pack
Windows Backup Catalog
Windows Printer Description
Windows Zipped Folder
Windows 3.x Password List
Windows Error Report
Windows Wireless Network Settings
Windows XP Style Data
TrueType Font Resource File
Dial Up Networking Exported Settings
Windows Directory Query File
Microsoft PCHealth Query File
Open Software Description File
Windows Binary Printer Description File
Windows PerfTrack XML Data
Windows Driver Information Cache File
Windows Japanese Noise-word List
Windows Backup Verify File
Windows Service Control Manager Log
Windows Mail Account Data
WCS Device Model Profile
WCS Color Appearance Model Profile
Microsoft Windows Binary DNS Database
Windows Search Crawl Data
Microsoft Windows Media Viewer Data
Microsoft Windows Message Queuing Data
Microsoft Windows Encrypted App Package
Unidrv Font Metrics
Unidrv Font Format Data
Windows PCI Miniport Data
Microsoft Windows COM+ CRM Log
Windows Sytem File Check Data
Microsoft Windows Action Queue
Microsoft Windows IOsubsys Driver
Microsoft Windows Netsh Script
Windows Disk Defag Error Dump
CLSID Identifier Data
Microsoft Windows Theme Info
Windows Firewall Exported Rules
Microsoft Windows Icon Palette
Windows Server Terminal Services RemoteApp Data
Windows Management Instrumentation Query Language Data
Resilient File System Image
Microsoft Windows 10 Registry Data
Windows Bluetooth Transfer Options Data
Microsoft Windows 8 AMCache Registry Hive
Microsoft Windows Snipping Tool Snip Data
exFAT Filesystem Image
Compressed VXD File
Windows Troubleshooting Pack Configuration
Microsoft Windows Resources Data
Microsoft Windows Starter Group Policy Object XML
Microsoft Windows Application Content
Windows 8 Start Screen Item Data
Microsoft Windows Migration Table Data
Windows PowerShell XML Data
Microsoft Windows System File
Microsoft Windows Prefetch Data
Windows Explorer Folder Data
FreeCell Saved Game
Microsoft Solitaire Saved Game
Microsoft Windows Thai Noise-Words List
FAT32 Filesystem Image
Microsoft Windows 10 System Data
Windows Registry Database Backup
Windows Search Connector Data
Windows Printer Migration Data
Microsoft Windows 10 Settings Data
Microsoft Windows HX1 Data
ReadyBoot Data
ReadyBoot Event Table Data
Microsoft Windows Migrated Data
Compressed Windows Animated Cursor
Microsoft Windows Symbol Cache
Windows Speech Recognition Macro
Windows Registry Editor Shortcut
IExpress Self Extraction Directive Data
PowerCFG Power Plan Settings Data
RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration
Windows Boot Configuration Data
Windows Input Method Editor Data
Microsoft Service Quality Monitoring Data
LMHOSTS Sample Data
Xbox 360 Controller for Windows Configuration
Common Log File System Binary Data
Microsoft Windows Terminal Server Client Bitmap Cache
Microsoft Windows Sound System Data
Masked Dynamic Link Library
Windows Defender Malware Definition Data
Windows Indexing Service Data
Windows Application Manager Deleted Package
Microsoft Backup Incremental Backup Data
Microsoft Windows Script Component
JScript Source Code
PostScript Binary Printer Description
Microsoft Windows Catalog Search Index Data
Microsoft Windows Catalog Service Data
ReadyBoot Trace Data
Windows System Resource Archive
Windows Registry Hive Data
Windows Registry Key Data
Windows Thumbnail Cache
Microsoft Windows Chinese Noise-Words List
Windows Mandatory User Profile Data
Microsoft Windows Zone Identifier Data
Microsoft Windows System File Check Data
Microsoft Windows Application Log
Microsoft Windows Update Status Data
Microsoft Windows Screen Driver
Microsoft Windows NTFS Master File Table
Microsoft Windows Rating System Data
Microsoft Windows Session Configuration
Microsoft Windows Dialog Resource Script
Microsoft Windows NT Console Data
Microsoft Windows 32-bit System Driver
Microsoft Windows Shared Database
Microsoft Windows Encrypting File System Data
Windows Diagnostics Tracking Diffbase Data
Microsoft Windows Boot Manager Data
Microsoft Windows MUI Manifest Data
Microsoft Windows Patch Cache
Windows Search Index Database
Windows Application Assignment Script
Microsoft Windows Compatibility Solution Database
Windows Mail Folder Data

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