ENV file format description

Many people often share .env files without providing instructions on how to use them. This can make it difficult for users to determine which program is compatible for editing, converting, or printing .env files. To address this issue, we have created this page to offer assistance and guidance on handling .env files. We provide information on compatible software, editing instructions and conversion options to help users effectively interact with .env files.

Our aim is to simplify the process and promote seamless use of the .env file format.

16 filename extension(s) found in our database.

.env - Broderbund PrintMaster Envelope

The ENV document files are related to PrintMaster. The ENV file is a Broderbund PrintMaster Envelope. PrintMaster is a software for making card, posters, banners, etc.

Category:Document files
Magic:- / -

Broderbund PrintMaster Envelope related extensions:

  • ban Broderbund PrintMaster Banner
  • biz Broderbund PrintMaster Business Card
  • cal Broderbund PrintMaster Calendar
  • car Broderbund PrintMaster Card
  • cer Broderbund PrintMaster Certificate
  • hcr Broderbund PrintMaster Half-fold Card Data

.env - OFML Environment Data

The ENV data files are related to pCon.planner. The ENV file is an OFML Environment Data. Office Furniture Modeling Language (OFML) is a standard of the IBA or the German Furniture Manufacturers Association.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

OFML Environment Data related extensions:

  • xpt EES Export
  • dmf DemoForge Studio Demo
  • asc LTspice Circuit Schematic Data
  • adb HP 100LX Appointment Database
  • pmov ProModel Output Viewer Results Data
  • jxt Daqarta Juxt Data

.env - HP 95LX Environment Data

The ENV data files are related to HP 95LX. The ENV file is a HP 95LX Environment Data. The HP 95LX was HP's first MS-DOS-based pocket computer or personal digital assistant. The HP 95LX seems to be no longer supported.

Application:HP 95LX
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

HP 95LX Environment Data related extensions:

  • m3d DIALux 3D Model Data
  • zas Zemax Absorption Spectrum Data
  • cpa Cadstar PCB Design
  • oecl Open EDA Component Library Data
  • glm BrainVoyager QX GLM Data
  • albw MakeitOne Album Wrapper

.env - TeamQuest View Environment Data

The ENV data files are related to TeamQuest View. The ENV file is a TeamQuest View Environment Data. TeamQuest View is a component of the TeamQuest Analyzer.

Application:TeamQuest View
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

TeamQuest View Environment Data related extensions:

  • 82y TI-82 Calculator Equation Data
  • spl Abacom sPlan Components Database
  • rwz Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard Data
  • opt CRiSP Harvest Output Path Data
  • ivq MSDN InfoViewer 5.0 Full-text Search Index
  • tcc Tibbo Composite Compressed Data

.env - X-Plane Scenery Data

The ENV game data files are related to X-Plane. The ENV file is an X-Plane Scenery Data. X-Plane is a flight simulation engine series developed and published by Laminar Research since 1995.

Category:Game Data files
Magic:- / -

X-Plane Scenery Data related extensions:

  • acf X-Plane Aircraft Data
  • afl X-Plane Data
  • dsf X-Plane Distribution Scenery Format Data
  • lin X-Plane Painted Line Data
  • rep X-Plane Replay Data
  • str X-Plane String Data

.env - Motocross Madness 2 Track Data

The ENV game data files are related to Motocross Madness 2. The ENV file is a Motocross Madness 2 Track Data. Motocross Madness 2 is a racing game released in 2000 by Microsoft.

Application:Motocross Madness 2
Category:Game Data files
Magic:- / -

Motocross Madness 2 Track Data related extensions:

  • ppsg Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Game Data
  • pas Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Papyrus Scene
  • maz Hover! Maze File
  • age3sav Age of Empires III Saved Game Data
  • ifp Grand Theft Auto Animation Data
  • y3t Yu-Gi-Oh! Online 3 Tag Data

.env - Corel WordPerfect Environment Data

The ENV data files are related to Corel WordPerfect. The ENV file is a Corel WordPerfect Environment Data. Corel WordPerfect is a word processing application.

Application:Corel WordPerfect
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Corel WordPerfect Environment Data related extensions:

  • cmo Visual3D C-Motion Output Data
  • tph PTC Creo Tool Path Storage Data
  • dbx Microsoft Outlook Express Folder Database
  • zw8 EPLAN Configuration Data Backup
  • collection Adobe Bridge Collection Data
  • tydsp eXtendable Wad Editor TYDSP Data

.env - Sierra Print Artist Envelope

The ENV data files are related to Sierra Print Artist. The ENV file is a Sierra Print Artist Envelope. The Sierra Print Artist software allows the user to make cards, calendars, stationery and other assorted crafts and then print them with their printer. The Sierra Print Artist seems to be no longer supported.

Application:Sierra Print Artist
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Sierra Print Artist Envelope related extensions:

  • tfl ALKFLOW Total Flow Data
  • nex NeuroExplorer Data
  • num DICTION Data
  • aor Searchlight AR3000 Radio Scanner Frequency Listing Data
  • rfe RockFlow Log
  • fpt NovaBACKUP Backup Related Data

.env - Creatacard Envelope Project

The ENV project files are related to American Greetings Creatacard. The ENV file is a Creatacard Envelope Project. American Greetings Creatacard is a simple digital card creator software for Microsoft Windows.

Application:American Greetings Creatacard
Category:Project files
Magic:- / -

Creatacard Envelope Project related extensions:

  • mbp CyberLink MediaShow Project
  • ebc MediaBASIC Compiled Project
  • anjuta Anjuta DevStudio Project
  • gdf GRAFIK Eye Designer Project
  • lpp CyberLink LabelPrint Project
  • mp8 NI Multisim 8 Project

.env - Atari Jaguar Envelope Definition Data

The ENV data files are related to Atari Jaguar. The ENV file is an Atari Jaguar Envelope Definition Data. The Atari Jaguar is a 64-bit home video game console that was developed by Atari Corporation, originally released in November 1993. The Atari Jaguar seems to be no longer supported.

Application:Atari Jaguar
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Atari Jaguar Envelope Definition Data related extensions:

  • xtb LocoScript External Translation Table
  • nds Nero Burning ROM DiscSpan Compilation
  • opox SOCSIM Output Extra Variables File
  • vrge08event Microsoft Entourage 2008 Event Data
  • hut WaterGEMS Transient Analysis Output Log
  • svap SolidWorks Visualize Appearance Library

.env - Train Simulator Environment Data

The ENV game data files are related to Train Simulator. The ENV file is a Train Simulator Environment Data. Microsoft Train Simulator is a Windows PC simulation game that simulates the experience of being a train conductor.

Application:Train Simulator
Category:Game Data files
Magic:- / -

Train Simulator Environment Data related extensions:

  • mn3 Descent 3 Mission Data
  • sclp Fallout 4 Sceleton Data
  • sab Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Saber Data
  • zzt ZZT Game Data
  • backupinfo AromaBackup Metadata
  • htg HackTheGame Mission Pack

.env - Vue Environment Data

The ENV data files are related to VUE. The ENV file is a Vue Environment Data. Vue is a 3D scenery generator software package. It is used for the creation, animation, and rendering of natural 3D environments.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Vue Environment Data related extensions:

  • atm Vue Atmospheres Data
  • clr Vue Color Map Data
  • flt Vue Filter Data
  • fnc Vue Functions Data
  • mat Vue Material Data
  • prv Vue Preview Data

.env - Now Contact Envelope Template

The ENV data files are related to Now Contact. The ENV file is a Now Contact Envelope Template. Now Contact is a full-featured contact manager.

Application:Now Contact
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Now Contact Envelope Template related extensions:

  • nse NeuraLynx Single Electrode Waveform Data
  • ixo LightCycler v4 Experiment Data
  • kne iWork Keynote Encrypted Data
  • adw Adhawin Transliteration Scheme
  • sgsys Case CATalyst System Data
  • ecml EpiCollect Markup Language Document

.env - Novell GroupWise Environment Data

The ENV configuration files are related to Novell GroupWise. The ENV file is a Novell GroupWise Environment Data. Novell GroupWise is a cross-platform, corporate email system that provides messaging, calendaring, and scheduling.

Application:Novell GroupWise
Category:Configuration files
Magic:- / -

Novell GroupWise Environment Data related extensions:

  • jkm JAWS Key Map Data
  • chl WinFast PVR Channel List
  • npe Nvidia nTune Profile Settings
  • cc KODAK Camera Color Control Profile
  • msz MADRIX 3 Compressed Setup
  • gbc GFI Backup 2009 Tasks

.env - WinDev Environment Data

The ENV development files are related to WinDev. The ENV file is a WinDev Environment Data. WinDev is an integrated development environment (IDE) fourth generation language (4GL), first published by PC SOFT in 1993, which is based upon a run-time engine (framework). It uses a 4GL known as WLanguage.

Category:Development files
Magic:- / -

WinDev Environment Data related extensions:

  • dep WinDev Dependency Data
  • dpl WinDev Duplicate Data
  • err WinDev Error Message
  • fic WinDev HyperFileSQL Database
  • ftx WinDev HyperFileSQL Full-text Index
  • gab WinDev Skin Template

.env - Delta Force Environment Data

The ENV game data files are related to Delta Force. The ENV file is a Delta Force Environment Data. Delta Force is a tactical first-person shooter computer game by developer and publisher NovaLogic.

Application:Delta Force
Category:Game Data files
Magic:- / -

Delta Force Environment Data related extensions:

  • zsc ROSE Online Zscript
  • ea3 FIFA 2001 Game Data
  • scf SimTown Sounds Data
  • 22k Esoteria Game Data
  • jfl Traffic Giant Data
  • cheat The Sims Startup Settings Data

Be careful.

It is important to understand that the .env file extension is not limited to a particular set of applications. Other programs besides the intended ones can also use the .env extension to create files. This includes potentially harmful programs or malware that may generate .env files for various purposes. Be especially cautious with .env files coming from untrusted or unknown sources.

Can't open a .env file?

When you double-click a file to open it, Windows examines the filename extension. If Windows recognizes the filename extension, it opens the file in the program that is associated with that filename extension. When Windows does not recognize an extension, you receive the following message:

Select an app to open this .env file

To set the .env file association in Windows 11, you can follow these steps

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and selecting the gear icon.
  2. In the Settings app, click on System and then select Apps from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Default apps option.
  4. Under the Default apps section, you will find various categories such as Email, Web browser, and Music player.
  5. Locate the category that matches the file type you want to associate, such as Photos for image files or Video player for video files.
  6. Click on the current default app listed under the category. A list of available apps will appear.
  7. Choose the app you want to set as the default for that file type. If the desired app is not listed, click on More apps to see additional options or click on Look for an app in the Microsoft Store to search for apps in the Store.
  8. After selecting the app, it will become the default choice for opening files of that type.

It's worth mentioning that you don't always need to set .env file association. Many applications can open .env files without requiring any specific file association to be set.

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There is a possibility that the .env filename extension is misspelled. To assist users in identifying potential errors, we provide a list of similar file extensions in our database.

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