ITP file format description

ITP file format

Many people share ITP files but don't explain how to use them. This can make it hard to know which software can open, change, or print these files. We made this page to help you understand how to work with ITP files. Here, you'll find info on software that works with these files. This includes simple programs for opening and converting them. We also share simple steps for editing these files and changing them into different formats. Whether you need to open, edit, or change a ITP file, our website has all the tips and tools you'll need to do it easily.

7 filename extension(s) found in our database:

ITP - GROMACS Include Topology

The ITP data files are related to GROMACS. The ITP file is a GROMACS Include Topology. GROMACS (GROningen MAchine for Chemical Simulations) is a molecular dynamics simulation package originally developed in the University of Groningen. ITP file format is used to define individual (or multiple) components of a topology as a separate file.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

GROMACS Include Topology related extensions:

  • edi GROMACS Essential Dynamics Information
  • edo GROMACS Essential Dynamics Output
  • edr GROMACS Portable Energy Data
  • ene GROMACS Binary Energy File

ITP - SVAL Interpolated Data

The ITP data files are related to SVAL. The ITP file is an SVAL Interpolated Data. The SVAL program is an interactive software for frequency-time analysis of dispersed signals of any dynamic and frequency range.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

SVAL Interpolated Data related extensions:

  • all SVAL All Signal Data
  • crr SVAL Correction Data
  • dat SVAL Frequency-time Spectrogram Data
  • mod SVAL Modal Data

ITP - Shana Informed Filler Form Template

The ITP data files are related to Shana Informed Filler. The ITP file is a Shana Informed Filler Form Template. Informed Filler is a powerful tool for processing electronic forms—or templates— that have been created with Informed Designer. The Shana Informed Filler seems to be no longer supported.

Application:Shana Informed Filler
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Shana Informed Filler Form Template related extensions:

  • tax2013 Intuit TurboTax 2013 Tax Return Data
  • uddf Universal Dive Data Format Data
  • shm Corel WordPerfect Shell Macro Library
  • aqa Ancestral Quest Database Index

ITP - ITEM ToolKit Project

The ITP project files are related to ITEM ToolKit. The ITP file is an ITEM ToolKit Project. ITEM ToolKIt is a suite of comprehensive prediction and analytical modules all in an integrated environment.

Application:ITEM ToolKit
Category:Project files
Magic:- / -

ITEM ToolKit Project related extensions:

  • gdp Scrolling Game Development Kit Project
  • spj Yaskawa IndexWorks Project
  • uip Universal Installer Project
  • wit WebIdeaTree Project

ITP - e-Record Data File

The ITP data files are related to e-Record. The ITP file is an e-Record Data File. E-Record is a free, electronic record keeping software product. It was created by the Australian Taxation Office. They no longer offer support, but it still works fine.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

e-Record Data File related extensions:

  • weboogl WebOOGL Data
  • wpj WorkPlace Pro Utilities Jar File Maps Data
  • lyt MetaCAM Layout Data
  • veg Vue Vegetation Data

ITP - Bioware Palette Data

The ITP game data files are related to Neverwinter Nights. The ITP file is a Bioware Palette Data. An ITP file defines a palette used by the toolset or DM Client. A palette describes a tree structure of tiles or object blueprints that can be painted in the toolset, or object blueprints that can be spawned in the DM Client.

Application:Neverwinter Nights
Category:Game Data files
Magic:- / -

Bioware Palette Data related extensions:

  • u8 Mario Kart Wii U8 Archive
  • bme BeatMania Song
  • ggpk Path of Exile Game Data
  • arena Quake 3 Arena Game Data

ITP - BSL Interpolate Data

The ITP data files are related to BSL. The ITP file is a BSL Interpolate Data. BSL is a 2-D interactive data manipulation package for image data.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

BSL Interpolate Data related extensions:

  • add BSL Weighted Addition Data
  • ave BSL Average Data
  • bak BSL Background Subtraction Data
  • cin BSL Circular Integration Data

Did someone accidentally misspell the ITP filename?

The ITP filename extension may be misspelled. We compiled a list of similar file extensions to help you find errors.

Filename extensions similar to ITP:

Windows can't open your ITP file?

When you try to open a file by double-clicking it, Windows looks at the file's name to figure out what to do. If Windows doesn't know the file type, it'll ask you to choose an app to open this ITP file.

To set the ITP file association in Windows 11, you can follow these steps

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and selecting the gear icon.
  2. In the Settings app, click on System and then select Apps from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Default apps option.
  4. In the Default apps section, you will find various categories. They include Email, Web browser, and Music player.
  5. Locate the category that matches the file type you want to associate. For example, choose Photos for image files, or Video player for video files.
  6. Click on the current default app listed under the category. A list of available apps will appear.
  7. Choose the app you want to set as the default for that file type. If the app you want is not listed, click on More apps to see more options. Or, click on Look for an app in the Microsoft Store to search for apps.
  8. After selecting the app, it will become the default choice for opening files of that type.

It's worth mentioning that you don't always need to set ITP file association. Many apps can open files. They don't need a specific file association to be set.

Handle ITP files with care

Exercise caution when handling ITP files from unknown sources. Files from certain sources can threaten your computer's security. They might contain malware, viruses, or harmful software. To minimize risks, avoid downloading or opening unfamiliar ITP files. Use trusted antivirus software to scan files from unknown sources before opening.

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