PGF file format description

PGF file format

We made this page to help you understand how to work with PGF files. Here, you can find info on software that can handle these files. It includes simple programs for opening and converting them.

Learn about the PGF file and its functions here!

We also explain how to convert them into other types. It's simple and hassle-free. For opening or changing PGF files, this page offers all the tools you need.

#1 Grammatical Framework Compiled Grammar

The PGF file is categorized under Development. It is associated with Grammatical Framework, serving as a Grammatical Framework Compiled Grammar. GF ( Grammatical Framework) is a programming language for multilingual grammar applications. Visit the website of Grammatical Framework for a detailed description of the PGF format.

Application:Grammatical Framework
Category:Development files
Magic:- / -

Grammatical Framework Compiled Grammar related extensions

  • gen dBase Application Generator Compiled Template
  • ddr FileMaker Pro Database Design Report
  • gbf BASIS GUIBuilder Control Data
  • edn Clojure Extensible Data Notation File

#2 EVS Pre Geology File

The PGF file is categorized under Data. It is associated with Earth Volumetric Studio, serving as an EVS Pre Geology File. EVS (Earth Volumetric Studio) is a 3D geological modeling and visualization software developed by C-Tech. Visit the website of Earth Volumetric Studio for a detailed description of the PGF format.

Application:Earth Volumetric Studio
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

EVS Pre Geology File related extensions

  • exl JSDAI Exclusion List
  • oas Outlook Attachment Sniffer Data
  • wbs Webshots Screensaver
  • tlv Transaction-Level Verilog Data

#3 SimCity Game Graphic Data

The PGF file is categorized under Game Data. It is associated with SimCity, serving as a SimCity Game Graphic Data. SimCity is an open-ended city-building video game series originally designed by Will Wright. Visit the website of SimCity for a detailed description of the PGF format.

Category:Game Data files
Magic:- / -

SimCity Game Graphic Data related extensions

  • bnk SimCity Game Data
  • cty SimCity City Data
  • ppf SimCity PPF Data
  • psf SimCity Game Audio Data

#4 PATCHMASTER Pulse Generator File

The PGF file is categorized under Data. It is associated with PATCHMASTER, serving as a PATCHMASTER Pulse Generator File. PATCHMASTER is a data acquisition and analysis program package for patch clamp experiments. Visit the website of PATCHMASTER for a detailed description of the PGF format.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

PATCHMASTER Pulse Generator File related extensions

  • amp PATCHMASTER Amplifier Settings
  • mac PATCHMASTER Macro File
  • onl PATCHMASTER Online Analysis Information
  • pro PATCHMASTER Protocol Editor Information

#5 PowerGREP File Selection Data

The PGF file is categorized under Data. It is associated with PowerGREP, serving as a PowerGREP File Selection Data. PowerGREP is a powerful Windows grep tool. Quickly search through large numbers of files on your PC or network, including text and binary files, compressed archives, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, OpenOffice files, etc. Visit the website of PowerGREP for a detailed description of the PGF format.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

PowerGREP File Selection Data related extensions

  • pga PowerGREP Action Definition
  • pgl PowerGREP Library
  • pgr PowerGREP Saved Result File
  • pgsa PowerGREP Sequence Action Data

#6 Portfolio Graphics Bitmap

The PGF file is categorized under Graphic. It is associated with XnView, serving as a Portfolio Graphics Bitmap. Visit the website of XnView for a detailed description of the PGF format.

Category:Graphic files
Magic:- / -

Portfolio Graphics Bitmap related extensions

  • $s ZX Spectrum Hobetta Image
  • 2bp Pocket PC Bitmap Image
  • 2d Amapi Image
  • 411 Sony Mavica Picture

#7 GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid

The GGF file is categorized under GIS. It is associated with Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office, serving as a GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid. Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office software is a software package of GNSS postprocessing tools, designed to develop GIS information that is consistent, reliable, and accurate from GNSS data collected in the field. Visit the website of Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office for a detailed description of the GGF format.

Application:Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office
Category:GIS files
Magic:- / -
Aliases:dgf, pgf

GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid related extensions

  • zic WebALP ZIC Compressed Image
  • sup SOCET SET Support File
  • gsi Golden Software Interchange
  • gpf SOCET SET Ground Point File

Did someone accidentally misspell the PGF filename?

The PGF filename extension may be misspelled. We compiled a list of similar file extensions to help you find errors.

Filename extensions similar to PGF:

Windows can't open your PGF file?

When you try to open a file by double-clicking it, Windows looks at the file's name to figure out what to do. If Windows doesn't know the file type, it'll ask you to choose an app to open this PGF file.

To set the PGF file association in Windows 11, you can follow these steps

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and selecting the gear icon.
  2. In the Settings app, click on System and then select Apps from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Default apps option.
  4. In the Default apps section, you will find various categories. They include Email, Web browser, and Music player.
  5. Locate the category that matches the file type you want to associate. For example, choose Photos for image files, or Video player for video files.
  6. Click on the current default app listed under the category. A list of available apps will appear.
  7. Choose the app you want to set as the default for that file type. If the app you want is not listed, click on More apps to see more options. Or, click on Look for an app in the Microsoft Store to search for apps.
  8. After selecting the app, it will become the default choice for opening files of that type.

It's worth mentioning that you don't always need to set PGF file association. Many apps can open files. They don't need a specific file association to be set.

Handle PGF files with care

Exercise caution when handling PGF files from unknown sources. Files from certain sources can threaten your computer's security. They might contain malware, viruses, or harmful software. To minimize risks, avoid downloading or opening unfamiliar PGF files. Use trusted antivirus software to scan files from unknown sources before opening.

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