PRG file format description

Many people often share .prg files without providing instructions on how to use them. This can make it difficult for users to determine which program is compatible for editing, converting, or printing .prg files. To address this issue, we have created this page to offer assistance and guidance on handling .prg files. We provide information on compatible software, editing instructions and conversion options to help users effectively interact with .prg files.

Our aim is to simplify the process and promote seamless use of the .prg file format.

12 filename extension(s) found in our database.

.prg - Visual FoxPro Program

The PRG development files are related to Visual FoxPro. The PRG file is a Visual FoxPro Program. Visual FoxPro is a data-centric object-oriented and procedural programming language produced by Microsoft.

Application:Visual FoxPro
Category:Development files
Magic:- / -

Visual FoxPro Program related extensions:

  • c AutoCAD Development System C Source Code
  • rej Mercurial Reject Data
  • res Windows Resource File
  • wrx Progress OpenEdge ActiveX Properties
  • framework Xcode Applicatiuon Framework Data
  • lss LotusScript Source Code

.prg - Harbour Module

The PRG project files are related to Harbour. The PRG file is a Harbour Module. Harbour is a free software compiler for the xBase superset language Clipper.

Category:Project files
Magic:- / -

Harbour Module related extensions:

  • hbp Harbour Project

.prg - WAVmaker Program

The PRG audio files are related to WAVmaker. The PRG file is a WAVmaker Program. WAVmaker is a program dedicated to the task of rendering MIDI files into WAV files.

Category:Audio files
Magic:- / -

WAVmaker Program related extensions:

  • zar Sony PlayStation 2 Audio Data
  • ins HSC-Tracker Instrument
  • ivc InterVoice Audio Data
  • afp Alesis Fusion Program
  • m4r iPhone Ringtone
  • nist HTK NIST SPHERE Data

.prg - xBase++ Program

The PRG development files are related to xBase++. The PRG file is an xBase++ Program. Xbase++ is a Clipper compatible development platform for 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Category:Development files
Magic:- / -

xBase++ Program related extensions:

  • smcl Stata SMCL Log
  • mpsy CodeWarrior Debugger Symbols Data
  • ael Asterisk Extension Language Source Code
  • plog PVS-Studio XML Analyzer Report
  • inn Micro Focus COBOL Overlay File
  • tcut TestComplete Unit Testing Project Data

.prg - RPG Toolkit Program

The PRG data files are related to RPG Toolkit. The PRG file is an RPG Toolkit Program. The RPG Toolkit is a free, open source project delivering a simple, flexible and powerful tool for the creation of role-playing games on your personal computer.

Application:RPG Toolkit
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

RPG Toolkit Program related extensions:

  • kli WUFI Climate Data
  • gvfx Microvellum Global File
  • pn Powernoodle File
  • wsmo WildTangent Motion Data
  • d3p DigitalPrintLab 3 Data
  • dmu Musicnizer Database

.prg - CA-Clipper Program Source Code

The PRG development files are related to CA-Clipper. The PRG file is a CA-Clipper Program Source Code. CA-Clipper is a complete application development system that can be customized to fit real-life operational requirements. The CA-Clipper seems to be no longer supported.

Category:Development files
Magic:- / -

CA-Clipper Program Source Code related extensions:

  • ce CA-Clipper Workbench Application Data
  • ch CA-Clipper Clipper Header
  • clp CA-Clipper Compiler Script
  • lif CA-Clipper Compressed Archive
  • pll CA-Clipper Prelinked Library
  • ppo Clipper Pre-processed Output File

.prg - PC-DMIS Part Program

The PRG data files are related to PC-DMIS. The PRG file is a PC-DMIS Part Program. PC-DMIS is a popular CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machines) software for the collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

PC-DMIS Part Program related extensions:

  • nom PC-DMIS NOM File
  • p2x PC-DMIS to Excel Settings Data

.prg - Akai MPC2000 Program

The PRG data files are related to Akai MPC2000. The PRG file is an Akai MPC2000 Program. The Akai MPC2000 is a professional and user-expandable 64-track sampler-sequencer workstation.

Application:Akai MPC2000
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Akai MPC2000 Program related extensions:

  • sn3 ChessDB Name Data
  • vmol Viewmol Data
  • s85 Sabre Airline Solutions Chart
  • adix XML-based ADIF File
  • sign GNU Privacy Guard Signature Data
  • ss Sam Spade Script

.prg - GEM Application

The PRG application files are related to GEM. The PRG file is a GEM Application. GEM (Graphical Environment Manager) was Digital Research's GUI (or a WIMP in the original), written in the 1980s. GEM is known primarily as the graphical user interface (GUI) for the Atari ST series of computers, and was also supplied with a series of IBM PC-compatible computers from Amstrad. The GEM seems to be no longer supported.

Category:Application files
Magic:- / -

GEM Application related extensions:

  • acc GEM Accessory Data
  • app GEM Application Bundle

.prg - ABB RobotStudio RAPID Program

The PRG data files are related to ABB RobotStudio. The PRG file is an ABB RobotStudio RAPID Program. ABB RobotStudio is a PC application for modeling, offline programming, and simulation of robot cells.

Application:ABB RobotStudio
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

ABB RobotStudio RAPID Program related extensions:

  • prp IBM Rational Rose Module Properties Data
  • hsh Microsoft IIS Metabase Hash File
  • eam Sybase PowerDesigner Enterprise Architecture Model
  • loh IGV Loss of Heterozygosity Data
  • oz Opera Job Management Compressed File
  • 3pg 3D Digital Gallery Data

.prg - Atari ST Program

The PRG application files are related to SainT Emulator. The PRG file is an Atari ST Program. The Atari ST is a home/personal computer that was released by Atari Corporation in 1985.

Application:SainT Emulator
Category:Application files
Magic:- / -

Atari ST Program related extensions:

  • s2a SEAL 2 Application
  • spss SPSS Script
  • 83p TI-83 Calculator Program
  • etk ETcl Kit
  • dek Eavesdropper Batch
  • ore Ore Executable

.prg - Sharp MZ-series Emulator Program

The PRG data files are related to Sharp MZ. The PRG file is a Sharp MZ-series Emulator Program. The Sharp MZ is a series of personal computers sold in Japan and Europe by Sharp beginning in 1978.

Application:Sharp MZ
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Sharp MZ-series Emulator Program related extensions:

  • kup Karaoke Song List Creator Database
  • b8 Cubicomp PictureMaker Blue Channel Image Data
  • rsu OS/2 Warp Remote Software Update
  • qmethod AB SCIEX MultiQuant Quantitation Method Data
  • par Mail.dat Postage Adjustment File
  • nksc Nikon Capture NX-D Sidecar Data

Be careful.

It is important to understand that the .prg file extension is not limited to a particular set of applications. Other programs besides the intended ones can also use the .prg extension to create files. This includes potentially harmful programs or malware that may generate .prg files for various purposes. Be especially cautious with .prg files coming from untrusted or unknown sources.

Can't open a .prg file?

When you double-click a file to open it, Windows examines the filename extension. If Windows recognizes the filename extension, it opens the file in the program that is associated with that filename extension. When Windows does not recognize an extension, you receive the following message:

Select an app to open this .prg file

To set the .prg file association in Windows 11, you can follow these steps

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and selecting the gear icon.
  2. In the Settings app, click on System and then select Apps from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Default apps option.
  4. Under the Default apps section, you will find various categories such as Email, Web browser, and Music player.
  5. Locate the category that matches the file type you want to associate, such as Photos for image files or Video player for video files.
  6. Click on the current default app listed under the category. A list of available apps will appear.
  7. Choose the app you want to set as the default for that file type. If the desired app is not listed, click on More apps to see additional options or click on Look for an app in the Microsoft Store to search for apps in the Store.
  8. After selecting the app, it will become the default choice for opening files of that type.

It's worth mentioning that you don't always need to set .prg file association. Many applications can open .prg files without requiring any specific file association to be set.

The .prg file extension is often given incorrectly

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Is it possible that the filename extension is misspelled?

There is a possibility that the .prg filename extension is misspelled. To assist users in identifying potential errors, we provide a list of similar file extensions in our database.

Filename extensions similar to .prg:

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