WS file format description

WS file format

Many people share WS files but don't explain how to use them. This can make it hard to know which software can open, change, or print these files. We made this page to help you understand how to work with WS files. Here, you'll find info on software that works with these files. This includes simple programs for opening and converting them. We also share simple steps for editing these files and changing them into different formats. Whether you need to open, edit, or change a WS file, our website has all the tips and tools you'll need to do it easily.

11 filename extension(s) found in our database:

WS - Microsoft Windows Script

The WS development files are related to Microsoft Windows. The WS file is a Microsoft Windows Script. Microsoft Windows is a group of several proprietary graphical operating system families developed and marketed by Microsoft.

Application:Microsoft Windows
Category:Development files
Magic:- / -

Microsoft Windows Script related extensions:

  • sysml Systems Modeling Language Document
  • aps VS Binary Resource Script Data
  • dpmi DOS Protected-Mode Interface Data
  • animevents Amazon Lumberyard Animation Events Database

WS - WonderSwan ROM Image

The WS data files are related to Mednafen. The WS file is a WonderSwan ROM Image. The WonderSwan is a handheld game console released in Japan by Bandai.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

WonderSwan ROM Image related extensions:

  • wsc WonderSwan Color ROM Image

WS - Worksheet Builder Worksheet

The WS document files are related to Worksheet Builder. The WS file is a Worksheet Builder Worksheet. Worksheet Builder is a software tool for producing printed assignments or worksheets for students.

Application:Worksheet Builder
Category:Document files
Magic:- / -

Worksheet Builder Worksheet related extensions:

  • qpp QPresenter Pro Presentation
  • fwtemplate Freeway Template
  • pwdp Password Pad Document
  • emr Emrite Document

WS - IBM Personal Communications WorkStation Profile

The WS configuration files are related to IBMs Personal Communication for Windows. The WS file is an IBM Personal Communications WorkStation Profile. IBM Personal Communications is a key component of the IBM Host Access products, providing access to applications and data on mid-range and enterprise servers (mainframes).

Application:IBMs Personal Communication for Windows
Category:Configuration files
Magic:- / -

IBM Personal Communications WorkStation Profile related extensions:

  • wscx Wondershare SurveyCreator Data
  • ewc EWView for DOS Configuration
  • pw5 PlanetPress Workflow Configuration
  • xwk Crosstalk Communicator Keyboard Mapping

WS - The Witcher 2 Game Script

The WS game data files are related to The Witcher 2. The WS file is a The Witcher 2 Game Script. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by CD Projekt Red.

Application:The Witcher 2
Category:Game Data files
Magic:- / -

The Witcher 2 Game Script related extensions:

  • nml NewGRF Meta Language Data
  • hmd Highway Pursuit Game Data
  • stype Call of Duty Texture Data
  • scworld SurvivalCraft World

WS - Hummingbird Exceed Data

The WS data files are related to Hummingbird Exceed. The WS file is a Hummingbird Exceed Data. Exceed is a full implementation of the X Window System including the Exceed X server and several additional components that provide complete X Window and TCP/IP functionality for Windows.

Application:Hummingbird Exceed
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Hummingbird Exceed Data related extensions:

  • rcut Webinaria Recording Cut
  • cjb Autodesk Cleaner XL Job
  • 8ek TI-84 Plus CE Flash App
  • bridgecache Adobe Bridge Cache Data

WS - WordStar Document

The WS document files are related to WordStar 2000. The WS file is a WordStar Document. WordStar was a word processor application, published by MicroPro, originally written for the CP/M operating system but later ported to DOS.

Application:WordStar 2000
Category:Document files
Magic:- / -

WordStar Document related extensions:

  • pmk ArchiCAD PlotMaker Document
  • cdr6 CorelDraw 6 for Mac Drawing
  • act Macromedia Action! Template
  • xgz MegaBitz XGL Vector Drawing

WS - Rhino 3D Internal Data

The WS data files are related to Rhino 3D. The WS file is a Rhino 3D Internal Data. Rhino 3D is a CAD software used primarily in architectural trades, industrial design and jewellery design.

Application:Rhino 3D
Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

Rhino 3D Internal Data related extensions:

  • gfx ScaleForm GFx Data
  • gb4 Geekbench 4 Report
  • gps GOM Player Skin
  • dcr AstroVIEW X Data Log

WS - SigmaNEST Workspace

The WS data files are related to SigmaNEST. The WS file is a SigmaNEST Workspace. SigmaNEST is a comprehensive software solution for nesting, NC programming and cutting of steel sheet, plate and tube materials, and wood.

Category:Data files
Magic:- / -

SigmaNEST Workspace related extensions:

  • prs SigmaNEST Part Data
  • sht SigmaNEST Sheet Data
  • tec SigmaNEST Cutting Table Data
  • wol SigmaNEST Batch File

WS - SmartWare Worksheet Document

The WS document files are related to SmartWare. The WS file is a SmartWare Worksheet Document. SmartWare is a programming platform. SmartWare also includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and communication modules.

Category:Document files
Magic:- / -

SmartWare Worksheet Document related extensions:

  • aif SmartWare Executable Program
  • bdc SmartWare Word Processor Backup Data
  • bdf SmartWare Backup Definition Data
  • bfq SmartWare Backup Query Definition

WS - RoboCell Project

The WS project files are related to RoboCell. The WS file is a RoboCell Project. RoboCell is a robotic control software package developed by Intelitek.

Category:Project files
Magic:- / -

RoboCell Project related extensions:

  • 3dc RoboCell Cell Setup Data
  • dmo RoboCell Demo Data
  • pnt RoboCell Position Data
  • rwx RoboCell User Parts Data

Did someone accidentally misspell the WS filename?

The WS filename extension may be misspelled. We compiled a list of similar file extensions to help you find errors.

Filename extensions similar to WS:

Windows can't open your WS file?

When you try to open a file by double-clicking it, Windows looks at the file's name to figure out what to do. If Windows doesn't know the file type, it'll ask you to choose an app to open this WS file.

To set the WS file association in Windows 11, you can follow these steps

  1. Open the Settings app by clicking on the Start menu and selecting the gear icon.
  2. In the Settings app, click on System and then select Apps from the left-hand side menu.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Default apps option.
  4. In the Default apps section, you will find various categories. They include Email, Web browser, and Music player.
  5. Locate the category that matches the file type you want to associate. For example, choose Photos for image files, or Video player for video files.
  6. Click on the current default app listed under the category. A list of available apps will appear.
  7. Choose the app you want to set as the default for that file type. If the app you want is not listed, click on More apps to see more options. Or, click on Look for an app in the Microsoft Store to search for apps.
  8. After selecting the app, it will become the default choice for opening files of that type.

It's worth mentioning that you don't always need to set WS file association. Many apps can open files. They don't need a specific file association to be set.

Handle WS files with care

Exercise caution when handling WS files from unknown sources. Files from certain sources can threaten your computer's security. They might contain malware, viruses, or harmful software. To minimize risks, avoid downloading or opening unfamiliar WS files. Use trusted antivirus software to scan files from unknown sources before opening.

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