>> Recoil file types


According to our registry, Recoil is capable of opening the files listed below. It is possible that Recoil can convert between the listed formats as well, the application’s manual can provide information about it.

System requirements

The precise system requirements for the Recoil application are included in the software’s manual. You can find the manual in electronic format on Recoil’s website as well. We cannot provide support for this product, so in case of a problem, turn to the developer of Recoil!

Important! There is a lot of dangerous content on the Internet, so you should only install applications coming from a trusted source onto your computer! You put your private information into danger by opening files coming from an unreliable source.

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File types

There are currently 153 file extension(s) associated to the Recoil application in our database.

Apple II HGR Image
Psion Series 3 Bitmap Icon
Champions Interlace Compressed Image
BBC Micro LdPic Bitmap
Commodore Amiga Multi-palette Image
VertiZontal Interlacing Image
TRS-80 MagicDraw Image
Atari 8-bit Anime 4ever Image
Commodore Amiga Hold-And-Modify 6 Bitmap
Commodore 64 SEUCK Sprite Image
BBC Micro Mode 4 Bitmap
Bugbiter APAC239i Bitmap Image
BBC Micro Mode 0 Bitmap
Apple IIGS Bitmap Image
Gephard Hires Graphics Bitmap Image
Amstrad CPC HinterGrundBild Bitmap
Hires Manager Bitmap Image
Atari 5200 Super IRG 2 Bitmap Image
Super IRG Raster Image
Commodore 64 8x8 Font Data
C64 Logo Painter 3 Image
Atari 8-bit Magic Painter Image
Commodore 16 Bitmap Image
Graph Saurus Bitmap Image
Atari Falcon Prism Paint Image
RAMbrandt Picture
Atari 8-bit Rocky Interlace Picture
Mamut Bitmap Image
Atari 8-bit Semi-Graphic Logos Editor Image
Commodore Amiga Sliced HAM Image
Atari ST Compressed Dali Image
ZX Spectrum Stellar Bitmap
Commodore 64 PETSCII Editor Image
Atari 8-bit Champions Interlace Image
Atari 8-bit The Last Word Font
ZX Spectrum Multicolor Image
Commodore 64 Drazlace Image
BBC Micro Mode 2 Bitmap
ZX Spectrum Speccy eXtended Graphics Bitmap
ZX81 ZXpaintyONE Bitmap
MSX2 Dynamic Publisher Image
C64 Flip Bitmap Image
Atari Falcon Funny Paint Bitmap Image
C64 SpritePad Image
Commodore Amiga TVPaint Image
Atari ST Cyber Paint Cell Image
Atari ST Public Painter Image
Commodore Amiga TurboSilver Image
MSX2 Dynamic Publisher Stamp
Commodore Amiga Continuous Bitmap Image
Atari ST QuantumPaint Image
SAM Coupe Bitmap Image
ZX Spectrum MultiArtist Image
Timex 2048 Hi-res Gigascreen Image
Timex 2048 Hi-color Screen Image
Commodore 128 VDC BitMap Image
Commodore 128 Basic 8 Image
NEC PC-98 XLD4 Image
ZX81 ZXPaintyONE v2.0 Bitmap
ZX Spectrum ZX-Paintbrush Bitmap
Oric 6x8 Font Data
Oric Hires Bitmap Image
Commodore 64 FLI Designer Picture
Commodore 64 Interlace Hires Editor Bitmap
MSX2 GL8 Bitmap
ZX Spectrum Gigascreen Bitmap
Commodore Amiga Interchange File Format Bitmap
Apple II SPR Image
Atari ST DUO Image
Commodore 64 ECI Graphic Editor Image
Commodore 64 ECI Graphic Editor Compressed Image
Apple IIe Double High-Resolution Image
Atari ST Canvas Raster Image
Commodore 64 Face Painter Graphic
Commodore 64 Cheese Image
ZX Spectrum Multicolor 8x2 Bitmap
MSX2+ Screen 12 Bitmap Image
MSX2+ GFX9k Bitmap
ZX81 Sinclair Basic Image
MSX2 Screen 4 Bitmap Image
Commodore Amiga Hold-And-Modify 8 Bitmap
Amstrad CPC SymbOS Graphic Bitmap
Atari Graphics Studio Image
Electronika BK Bitmap Image
Atari ST Art Director Image
Atari ST GFA Artist Image
Atari Falcon ICDRAW Icon
Atari Falcon GodPaint Image
Atari Falcon True Color Image
BBC Micro Mode 5 Bitmap
Commodore 64 AFLI-editor Image
Atari ST Canvas Compressed Image
Atari ST EZ-Art Professional Image
Commodore 128 IPaint Image
FM Towns Bitmap Image
MSX2 Dynamic Publisher Font
BBC Micro Mode 1 Bitmap
Atari Falcon DelmPaint Image
Atari Falcon DuneGraph Image
Commodore 64 Pixel Perfect Bitmap
Commodore 64 Pixel Perfect Compressed Bitmap
Atari ST PaintShop Image
Atari ST Picworks Image
MSX2+ Screen 10 Bitmap
ZX Spectrum Raster Image
ZX Spectrum Border Screen Image
Commodore Amiga DCTV Image
Atari Falcon Print-Technik Image
MSX2 Graph Saurus Bitmap
ZX Spectrum Attributes Gigascreen Image
Commodore 64 FLI Profi Image
Commodore 64 SEUCK Font Data
Atari ST CrackArt Image
Atari ST DEGAS Elite Block
Commodore 64 Hi-Pic Creator Image
Atari 8-bit Movie Maker Background Image
Atari 8-bit Paradox Image
Commodore 64 True Paint Image
Commodore 64 Multi-Lace Editor Image
Atari 8-bit Apac3 Linker-Viewer Image
Atari 8-bit Ascii-Art Editor Image
Atari 8-bit DrawIt Image
Atari 8-bit Dir Logo Maker Image
Atari 8-bit Graphics 9 Image
MSX2 Graph Saurus PL5 Image
Atari 8-bit Trzmiel Compressed Image
Atari 8-bit Cut Creator Image
MSX2 Graph Saurus SRI Image
ZX Spectrum Border Screen Multicolor 8x4 Image
Atari 8-bit Marco Pixel Editor Image
Atari 8-bit SlideShow for VBXE Image
Atari 8-bit Atari Player Editor Image
Atari 8-bit SFDN Compressed APAC Image
Atari 8-bit Interlace Character Editor Font
Atari 8-bit ICE CIN Image
Commodore 64 Create with Garfield Image
Commodore 64 Hires FLI Image
Atari 8-bit Jet Graphics Planner Image
Atari 8-bit Blazing Paddles Shape Table
Atari 8-bit DIN Image
Atari 8-bit Atari CAD Image
Atari Falcon DelmPaint Image
Atari Falcon TmS Cranach Paint Image
ZX Spectrum Attributes Image
Amstrad CPC Mode 5 Image
Atari ST DEGAS Elite Brush Data
Atari ST GDOS Font
Atari 8-bit Floor Designer Image
Atari 8-bit Atari FontMaker Font
Atari ST Sinbad Slideshow
Atari ST HighresMedium Image

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